History of SDC CPA

Located in Aurora, IL

Who We Are

sdccpa founded SDC CPAs, LLC to provide adjusters and attorneys global investigation and accounting services dedicated to crime, fidelity (employee dishonesty and employee theft), lack of faithful performance and commercial surety insurance claims.

SDC CPA continues to grow, utilizing a United States location and a European location to ensure its high quality, consistent product concept. Because of the singular expertise and knowledge, the minimal expense of travel is outweighed by the significant savings and benefits of our expertise, expedient service and knowledge brought to each file, both to the insurer’s and the insured’s benefit.

In 2000, crime insurance underwent a change when the industry offered more crime insuring coverages to more entities. The policies offered more opportunities for coverages with changes in federal statutes requiring more crime coverage for financial institutions. Brokers and many others view crime forensic accounting as an immaterial business, and crime adjusters and attorneys are overlooked and given a lesser priority in terms of service.

Forensic accounting firms can be distracted by catastrophes, large contract surety claims, or tax seasons. SDC CPA was established to service crime insurance claim adjusters and attorneys dealing with financial institutions, commercial, non-profit, and governmental entities, on fidelity, crime, faithful performance, and commercial surety claims.