April 2021

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  • Advancing Equality – Hispanic Representation in Accounting

    The need for diversity and inclusion in accounting has long been recognized and, while the profession has made great strides toward inclusive practices, certain challenges remain. The underrepresentation of Hispanic people in finance is one area with room for improvement. As a longtime advocate of diverse hiring and multilingual offices, SDC CPAs follows the research […]

  • Deterring Theft of Jobsite Materials

    The theft of materials and equipment from jobsites is a crime on the rise, according to the National Equipment Register (NER). Whether thieves take power tools, heavy machinery, or even building materials, construction sites have become common targets for thieves. The NER estimates as much as $1 billion in equipment is stolen from jobsites annually. […]

  • Influential Accountants – Fiona Ma

    Accountants have a set of skills essential to the modern world. The ability to process complex financial matters in terms of both details and large scale solutions enables individuals with a background in accountancy to excel in whatever line of work they choose. As a woman-owned accounting firm, SDC CPAs believes it is important to […]