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  • Hacker Speak: Understand the Slang

    Hackers are inventive in many ways. Their lingo is no different. Like many groups, they have their own unique insider words and terminology. It’s a language that’s constantly evolving. While you don’t need to know the meaning of every word, it’s helpful to know terms relevant to things that might affect you. Some hacker slang, […]

  • It Started with a Wooden Horse

    Long, long ago in ancient times, there was a legendary conflict. It all began when Paris, the son of the king of Troy, ran off with Helen, the wife of the king of Sparta. Their elopement sparked a war between Greece and Troy that lasted for 10 years. The war finally ended when the Greeks […]

  • Cooking the Books: Restaurant Theft

    Bellagio chef busted for stealing $2K worth of lobster tails. Waiter caught stealing customers’ credit cards, sentenced to 12 years. Restaurant manager catches employee stealing from safe. We all know employee theft happens in most industries. Restaurants are no different. Just take a look at the headlines pulled from the news. In fact, employee theft […]

  • Credit & Debit Acceptance Challenges

    Credit and debit acceptance at merchants, wholesalers, contractors, and manufacturers is at a record high volume. Recording and keeping track of the credit cards is challenging. Businesses need to ensure the credit card receipts are reconciled, just like they should reconcile cash and check receipts. Reconciliations are key to mitigating and preventing employee theft. Sales […]

  • Opportunities for Fraudsters: Is Your Credit Card Safe?

    How do fraudsters and dishonest employees steal monies from a merchant’s credit card processing system? Here are a few common ways: Stealing Cash and Substituting a Credit Card Charge Usually an employee who handles cash has access to a credit card processing machine. The employee will misappropriate cash and run a false or stolen credit […]

  • New Year, New Scam: Why Not to Abbreviate 2020

    By now, many people’s New Year’s resolutions have come and gone. But here’s one resolution that’s much easier to keep than getting up at 5:00 am every morning to exercise. You can start this one now, and it might just prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. It’s simple and takes a second or […]

  • Ransom in the Digital World

    The concept of ransom is as old as crime; ransomware is the extension of ransom to the digital world. The first instance of a ransomware attack is thought to have taken place in 1989. This occurred when Joseph L. Popp, a biologist, sent 20,000 infected floppy disks to the guests at an International AIDS conference. […]

  • Business Email Compromise Scams

    Did you know… In 2016, an Austrian Aerospace firm was defrauded of $42 million dollars. In 2017, Save the Children USA was the victim of a $1 million scam In 2019, a Toyota subsidiary suffered a loss of $37 million What caused these significant losses… it’s the rise of Business Email Compromise scams. What are […]

  • Social Media: A Powerful Tool

    “Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation—and it’s happening with or without you.” Charlene Li, author Social media refers to any website or application that is designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. The major social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and […]

  • Expanding the Definition of “Employee”

    By Agnes Gawecki The definition of “employee” under Employee Theft Coverage is crucial in determining whether benefits will be paid in the event of property theft. Employee Theft addresses various types of employees, though its noteworthy to point out owners and partners are excluded from the coverage. Employee Theft insurance relies on a specific definition […]

  • Workplace Bias

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman . . . Tammy Wynette Women in the workplace walk a tightrope between being perceived as too bossy or too weak. The same behaviors are labeled differently for male leaders and female leaders. A male leader who shouts, speaks over others, and ignores opposing viewpoints may command respect. […]

  • Choose Wisely

    Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs. Pearl Strachan Hurd -British Politician (1930s) Appearances, behavior, tone of voice, and even words make an impression. Words can convey both confidence and insecurity. A recent New York Times op-ed by Molly Worthen, a history professor, discusses the tendency, especially among women, to use […]