May 2021

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  • Has Your Car Warranty Expired?

    The phone rings. You answer. There’s a brief moment of silence and a soft click. Then the message starts. It’s the same one you’ve been hearing almost daily for the past few months. “Hello. I’m calling today with important news. Your car’s warranty is about to expire…” Chances are if you own a vehicle and […]

  • Affinity Theft: Preying on Kinship

    Seng Tan impressed many struggling Cambodian immigrants in the United States. To them, she represented wealth and success. She drove a shiny black Mercedes, dressed in expensive clothes, and claimed to be a  millionaire. Yet she was also like them. She too had fled Cambodia during the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge. She also […]

  • Thieves & Doughnuts

    Every year, on the first Friday in June, people celebrate National Doughnut Day. The day celebrates doughnuts and honors the Salvation Army Lassies. The Lassies served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. The “Salvation Army Doughnut” was first served in 1917. The brave Salvation Army Lassies went to the front lines of Europe and […]

  • Handling Losses Due to “Time Theft”

    Employees clocking in a few minutes early or clocking out a few minutes late may seem fairly innocuous, but those minutes here and there add up quickly. They also constitute a common form of employee theft: time theft. Time theft occurs when employees receive compensation for time they did not actually work. A report commissioned […]

  • Should Accounting Firms Embrace Shared Office Spaces?

    Shared office spaces, or coworking spaces, are an increasingly popular option for freelancers, small businesses, and remote workers who do not have access to a centralized office space. These rented workspaces can give individuals and small businesses access to a high-end, high-function office space without a major investment. For CPAs, accounting firms, and other businesses […]

  • Affinity Theft: Preying on Religious Organizations

    The individuals who steal from us are sometimes the ones we least suspect. They may be long-term trusted employees, family members, and even those who pretend to share our deepest values. The term “affinity fraud” refers to scams that prey upon members of identifiable groups, such as religious or ethnic communities, the elderly, or professional […]