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  • Covid-19 is the Perfect Storm for Employee Theft

      By Ben Sapet Risk management operates on the principle that 10% of employees will always steal, another 10% will never steal, and the rest will steal under the right circumstances. Unfortunately for many companies, the Covid-19 pandemic has created the circumstances to push that hesitant 80% of employees to commit employee theft. Putting on […]

  • The Unexpected Losses & Costs of Equipping Remote Workers

      By Ben Sapet In the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, an estimated 62% of workers in the U.S. worked remotely as employers tried to reduce the spread of the virus. In what has been called “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment,” employers must make difficult decisions about providing office equipment to their remote workers. […]

  • The Cold Case of the Baskin Robbers

    By Staff writer In the summertime, ice cream sales heat up. July is National Ice Cream Month after all (thanks to a Presidential Proclamation by President Ronald Reagan in 1984). August has plenty of ice cream themed days to celebrate also, including Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Frozen Custard Day, Ice Cream Pie Day, and Banana […]

  • Business Interrupted

    By now the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted most people’s lives significantly. And it’s bringing about more changes than just kids staying home from school and people working remotely. As the coronavirus spreads, so do the concerns of individuals and business owners. Companies are seeing business slowdowns, incurring revenue losses, experiencing disruptions in the supply chain, […]

  • Hacked from Home

      Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic disrupting the world, many people are dispersing to their homes to work and study. They’re taking their laptops and company data with them. Tech companies and IT staff members are swamped with requests to help employees set up the technology for their remote offices. “People who have never […]

  • Taxes: An Unusual History

    “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin, 1817 Long, long ago, before there were forensic accountants and tax accountants, there were taxes. Taxes have roots that stretch back to the ancient world. More than 4,500 years ago, ancient Mesopotamians paid taxes in the form of livestock […]

  • Hacker Speak: Understand the Slang

    Hackers are inventive in many ways. Their lingo is no different. Like many groups, they have their own unique insider words and terminology. It’s a language that’s constantly evolving. While you don’t need to know the meaning of every word, it’s helpful to know terms relevant to things that might affect you. Some hacker slang, […]

  • It Started with a Wooden Horse

    Long, long ago in ancient times, there was a legendary conflict. It all began when Paris, the son of the king of Troy, ran off with Helen, the wife of the king of Sparta. Their elopement sparked a war between Greece and Troy that lasted for 10 years. The war finally ended when the Greeks […]

  • Cooking the Books: Restaurant Theft

    Bellagio chef busted for stealing $2K worth of lobster tails. Waiter caught stealing customers’ credit cards, sentenced to 12 years. Restaurant manager catches employee stealing from safe. We all know employee theft happens in most industries. Restaurants are no different. Just take a look at the headlines pulled from the news. In fact, employee theft […]

  • Credit & Debit Acceptance Challenges

    Credit and debit acceptance at merchants, wholesalers, contractors, and manufacturers is at a record high volume. Recording and keeping track of the credit cards is challenging. Businesses need to ensure the credit card receipts are reconciled, just like they should reconcile cash and check receipts. Reconciliations are key to mitigating and preventing employee theft. Sales […]

  • Opportunities for Fraudsters: Is Your Credit Card Safe?

    How do fraudsters and dishonest employees steal monies from a merchant’s credit card processing system? Here are a few common ways: Stealing Cash and Substituting a Credit Card Charge Usually an employee who handles cash has access to a credit card processing machine. The employee will misappropriate cash and run a false or stolen credit […]

  • New Year, New Scam: Why Not to Abbreviate 2020

    By now, many people’s New Year’s resolutions have come and gone. But here’s one resolution that’s much easier to keep than getting up at 5:00 am every morning to exercise. You can start this one now, and it might just prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. It’s simple and takes a second or […]