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  • “Reach for the Stars”

    Being a woman in the modern world is challenging in many ways. A woman may be the breadwinner in the family, but she is also the caretaker, the cleaner, the cook, and the mother. Being a successful woman means she has to be better than the men around her. Being a gay woman means she […]

  • Background Checks and Internal Controls – More Important Than Ever

    COVID-19 has forever changed the office environment. There are more remote positions than ever before, staffing shortages are creating stress for employees and employers alike, and with a sluggish economy some have found themselves facing financial stress. Remote work means less supervision, which potentially means a greater opportunity for employees to commit fraud… right? Not […]

  • Diversity in the Insurance Industry

    “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” —Michelle Obama A special day is becoming more recognized and celebrated throughout the country. Juneteenth is also known as Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, Freedom Day and Black Independence Day. Even though this day has been celebrated on June 19th in various […]

  • National Donut Day – June 3, 2022

    Donuts are a delicious confectionery treat enjoyed worldwide by children and adults alike. Fried to perfection and dipped in glaze, these sugar packed pastries are a staple in any office. Because of their popularity, donuts have two days of celebration in their honor: The first Friday of every June, and November 5th of every year. […]

  • June – National Home Ownership Month

    Owning a home can be a big milestone in someone’s life. Unfortunately, in the current real estate market, it can be difficult to snag your dream home (or any home at all). The last thing you need after finding your home is to fall victim to a scam or fraud. According to the Federal Trade […]

  • Celebrate in May: International Internal Audit Awareness Month

    Amidst the warming weather of spring, May presents a great time to observe International Internal Audit Awareness Month. The Institute of Internal Auditors created this awareness month in the 1990s to promote the profession as a whole and the value it brings organizations. [1]   What is Internal Audit? According to the Institute of Internal […]

  • World Laughter Day – First Sunday in May

    Laughter can bring people joy. Some doctors say it boosts the immune system and triggers the release of endorphins making laughter “the best medicine”. So, in celebration of World Laughter Day, let’s have a laugh at a few thieves and their bizarre stories. United Kingdom – A 21-year-old male was caught by surveillance cameras breaking […]

  • You Don’t Have To Get Yourself In Hot Water To Avoid Shrinkage

    Shrinkage: Inventory due to circumstances such as damage, shoplifting, vendor fraud, employee theft, and administrative error. It is when you have less inventory physically present than what is recorded as presented including what has been ordered and received. What are some simple steps that can help you mitigate risk? Use numerically sequenced forms or preformatted […]

  • May 25th – National Wine Day

    Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner becomes a must on National Wine Day. Typically, you would purchase a glass or bottle from your favorite local restaurant or bar, but thieves sometimes have other plans entirely. A heist. In Manhattan, a personal assistant was arrested for stealing hundreds of bottles of rare wine, totaling approximately […]


    Bird Day is celebrated on January 5th in the USA and Canada. World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on the Second Saturday in May (May 14, 2022) and the second Saturday in October (October 9, 2022). These celebrations hope to alert people to the dangers these remarkable creatures face in our modern world (air and […]

  • May 6th – International No Diet Day

    International No Diet Day… everyone’s favorite day of the year! Well maybe not everyone’s. It is the day we set aside our diet for the day and order whatever we want… Surely nothing could go wrong on a great day like this right?! In the past the only options for food delivery were pizza and […]