July 2021

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  • Sweet Justice for Employees who Defrauded Chocolatier

    Businesses with a manufacturing component can be particularly vulnerable to non-cash schemes, such as inventory theft. In honor of World Chocolate Day, July 7, a real-life case of inventory theft at a chocolate manufacturer provides an in-depth look at inventory theft in manufacturing. The case, initially described by the Idaho Society of Certified Public Accountants […]

  • The US Has a Bad Case of Vaccine Card Fraud

    As a forensic accounting firm, SDC encourages individuals and businesses to be aware of all types of potential scams—whether they are perpetrated by employees or outside individuals. Awareness and knowledge are the first step to preventing and mitigating a wide range of scams. Scammers and fraudsters are always on the hunt for new angles and […]

  • How Secure is Your Remote Workforce?

    Many organizations have, over the course of a tumultuous year, been tasked with reviewing and refining their work from home policies. For some, remote work is here to stay—a new fixture of the workplace. William Altman, Senior Analyst at the Global Cyber Center of NYC, describes the troubling state of cyber security as stopgap remote […]