May 25th – National Wine Day

Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner becomes a must on National Wine Day. Typically, you would purchase a glass or bottle from your favorite local restaurant or bar, but thieves sometimes have other plans entirely. A heist.

In Manhattan, a personal assistant was arrested for stealing hundreds of bottles of rare wine, totaling approximately $1.2 Million, from his employer over the span of two years.[1]

In Cáceres, Spain thieves stole forty-five bottles of wine from a restaurant including an exceptionally rare bottle of 215-year-old 1806 Château d’Yquem valued at 350,000 Euros.

These rare wines may not be able to be recovered, which means the only reprieve these owners would have is if the wine was insured and what their policy’s Limit of Insurance was. Section B (“Limit of Insurance”) of the ISO Commercial Crime Policy states: “The most we will pay for all loss resulting directly from an “occurrence” is the applicable Limit of Insurance shown in the Declarations. If any loss is covered under more than one Insuring Agreement or coverage, the most we will pay for such loss shall not exceed the largest Limit of Insurance available under any one of those Insuring Agreements or coverages.”

Most of us don’t have rare wine to insure, but wouldn’t it be fun to investigate the claimed loss.


[1] Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York. (Wednesday, January 17, 2018).] [Manhattan Man Arrested For Stealing More Than $1.2 Million Of Rare And Expensive Wine.] Retrieved from

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