The Value of Neurodiverse Hiring in Accounting

As diversity remains a hot-button issue in the field of accounting and beyond, one often overlooked aspect is the hiring and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Extending diverse hiring practices to individuals with disabilities and individuals on the autism spectrum, a practice known as neurodiverse hiring, can yield fantastic results for accounting firms.

Reaching New Talent

Some major accounting firms have found great success with programs that recruit neurodiverse individuals, such as those with ADHD or Asperger syndrome. Lori Golden of Ernest & Young, one firm pioneering neurodiverse hiring in accounting, described their process of hiring and accommodating “individuals with autism who are highly able in data analytics skills, in raw mathematics skills, and who are technologically facile to work on many of the engagement management support activities that we use to support our clients.”

Finding and hiring skilled, suitable individuals with different abilities and needs can be advantageous to a firm but requires commitment and effort. Simply recruiting these individuals is not enough on its own. Firms should create an environment that supports a neurodiverse workforce with flexibility and accommodations. A workplace with well-executed accommodations and diverse staff can unlock the potential of its employees and reach new heights.

Diversity, in all its forms, is essential for providing the perspective and knowledge that makes a workplace excel. SDC CPAs has long advocated and practiced diverse hiring. Founder Dee Studler sees the gender, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of SDC CPAs as a hallmark of the firm’s success. Given the firm’s commitment to diversity, SDC CPAs encourages other firms to consider doing the same.

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