Celebrities Who Started Their Careers in Accounting

The utility of accounting careers and the analytical, mathematical focus of accountancy may be responsible for the stereotype of accounting being plain or dull. Bucking this stereotype, a number of celebrities’ careers began in accounting. Ranging from professional singers and athletes to bestselling authors, these famous individuals studied or practiced accountancy before they landed in the limelight.

Janet Jackson

Before Janet Jackson pursued her place in the royal family of pop music, she studied accountancy and laid plans to become an accountant. Now a multi-platinum music icon, Jackson reflects that “if I wasn’t singing, I’d probably be an accountant.”


John Grisham

John Grisham, the bestselling author sometimes known as “the master of the legal thriller,” started his career majoring in accounting at Mississippi State University. He went on to practice criminal law and use his experience in both accountancy and law to inform his procedural thriller novels.

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones lead singer and frontman did not always aim to become a rock and roll legend. Before The Rolling Stones’ heyday, Mick Jagger spent a year studying accounting and finance on a scholarship to the London School of Economics.

Venus Williams

Tennis star Venus Williams studied accounting alongside athletics at Indiana University. Williams once stated, “I have to say accounting almost killed me.” Thankfully, she had a killer serve to fall back on instead.

Bob Newhart

Legendary comedian Bob Newhart had a brief and, by his own admission, terrible career as an accountant after his time in the army. In his 2006 autobiography, Newhart describes relying on balance sheets being “close enough” and adjusting petty cash imbalances with his own money. While practicing accountancy for $55.00 a week at a local unemployment office, Newhart realized he’d be better off using the $45.00 a week offered in unemployment benefits to launch his stand-up career.

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