Recognizing Diversity and Inclusion in the Fidelity Bond Industry

The Fidelity Law Association (FLA) has long provided members of the fidelity bond industry with education and resources for pursuing fair claim handling. Through their annual journal and conference, the FLA can reach a wide range of professionals and set industry trends. Efforts to advance equality and fairness make influential organizations’ commitment to diversity and inclusion more important than ever.

The FLA and its FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award Committee are working toward progress and change by recognizing individuals who model inclusive practices.

Value Through Validation

The Fidelity Law Association (FLA) has launched an annual commitment to recognizing individuals whose work in the fidelity bond industry contributes to the advancement of diversity and inclusion. With the FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award, the FLA affirms that diversity and inclusion are critical in the profession.

The FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award Committee members have led this effort to provide recognition for inclusive practices. The committee seeks nominations from the community and chooses the recipient based on the impact of their efforts and their sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Advancing diversity and inclusion in the industry takes many forms but is fundamentally treating everyone with dignity and respect. Individuals embody that attitude by helping advance women and other minority professionals’ careers through mentoring or fair hiring practices. Other valuable measures can include maintaining diverse staff and leadership or participating in organizations dedicated to advancing diversity.

SDC CPAs and the FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award Committee member views the FLA Diversity and Inclusion Award as a means to provide affirmation for inclusive action and encourage greater commitment to diversity in the industry. Efforts like these are an essential aspect of affecting positive change, which starts in your communities.

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