The Mutual Benefit of Multilingual Workplaces

As the internet has made the world grow increasingly connected, distance is no longer the main barrier in cross-cultural communications. Now, in today’s world community, differing customs and language can be considered the main obstacles to international business. Posed with the challenge of expanding to new audiences and finding new clients, businesses can thrive by embracing multilingualism diversity.

SDC CPAs has a long history of offering multilinguistic services to a diverse body of clients. With more than eight languages spoken among SDC employees, founder and member Dee Studler seeks employees with a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Maintaining this diversity is an essential piece of SDC CPAs’ capacity to meet clients’ needs.

Better Service to a Wider Audience 

A multilingual staff can not only help a company expand to reach new clients, it can improve those clients’ experiences across the board. A diverse, multilingual staff is better equipped to service clients and form positive, long-term working relationships.

Even if companies are not pursuing international business, the growing cultural diversity in the United States makes multilingualism invaluable. Workplaces capable of effective translation and efficient cross-cultural communication may be better equipped to onboard talented non-native English speakers. It takes a diverse, culturally-conscious workplace to meet diverse needs and understand cultural context.

Moving toward a multilingual workplace can involve both new and existing talent. When hiring, job ads can emphasize a desire for multilingual candidates. Job descriptions can also be adjusted to reflect a focus on cross-cultural communication. Current employees can also play a role in creating a multilingual workplace. Implementing incentive programs and means for employees to learn a second language can be worth the cost for the value multilingualism and cultural understanding add to the workplace.

In an increasingly connected world, embracing and encouraging multilingualism in the workplace can be advantageous for both businesses and their clients.

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