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World Bicycle Day on June 3: The Rising Concern In The Bicycle Industry

June 1, 2023

Employee theft is a pressing issue that affects various industries, including the bicycle sector. While bicycles bring joy and convenience to many, they have unfortunately become a target for employee theft. The loss of valuable bicycles not only impacts businesses financially but also undermines customer trust and disrupts the cycling community. 

The bicycle industry has witnessed an increase in employee theft incidents in recent years. According to a report published by the National Bike Dealers Association (NBDA), employee theft accounted for 5.6% of total inventory shrinkage in bicycle shops in the United States. This figure highlights the severity of the issue within the industry and underscores the need for preventive measures.

The nature of the business, with a large number of valuable and easily transportable items, creates tempting opportunities for employees to steal bicycles or their components. Bicycles, especially high-end models, can fetch substantial prices in the resale market. This allure of quick financial gain motivates some employees to engage in theft.

Employee theft within the bicycle industry presents a significant challenge, affecting businesses, customers, and the cycling community as a whole. By recognizing the prevalence and underlying causes of employee theft, businesses can take proactive steps to implement preventive measures. Strict access controls, employee training, comprehensive inventory management systems, and thorough employee screening are crucial in mitigating the risk of theft. By fostering a culture of integrity, promoting accountability, and maintaining vigilance, the bicycle industry can combat employee theft and ensure a safer and more secure environment for businesses and cycling enthusiasts alike.


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