World Laughter Day – First Sunday in May

Laughter can bring people joy. Some doctors say it boosts the immune system and triggers the release of endorphins making laughter “the best medicine”. So, in celebration of World Laughter Day, let’s have a laugh at a few thieves and their bizarre stories.

United Kingdom – A 21-year-old male was caught by surveillance cameras breaking into a vehicle and stealing a satellite navigation system. Unfortunately, he did not get away with the crime as he had his last name and date of birth tattooed on his neck for the security camera to record.

Chennai Tamil Nadu, India – A thief attempted to avoid being identified by a security camera by coveri ng his head in a plastic bag… a clear plastic bag. Not only was he unable to see very well while attempting to commit the crime,  he was still very much identifiable in his “disguise”. [1]

Ohio, USA – Three robbers stole a wallet and a purse from two individuals at gunpoint. One of the robbers later returned to one of the individual’s home to ask her out on a date. Unfortunately for him, she recognized him from the robbery and was not interested in the date. The man was arrested shortly thereafter. [2]

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China – A burglar stole 300 yuan from a woman’s home. Deciding that it was not enough money to satisfy him, he texted her asking for more. He told her to meet him at a location to hand over the additional money. The woman called police and invited them to the meeting where the burglar was arrested.

It appears that there is no place on earth that hilarious criminals cannot be found. If only they were all this easy to catch.


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