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  • The Continuing Challenges of Forensic Accounting during COVID-19

    Economic hardship such as layoffs, market losses, and economic uncertainty often correlate to increased occurrences of employee theft, in turn increasing business for forensic accounting firms. This trend has partially held true for the economic challenges caused by COVID-19. While fraud cases have spiked, a number of obstacles threaten to change the landscape of forensic […]

  • How Accounting Firms Can Give Back to their Communities

    Many CPAs and accounting firms rely on maintaining strong relationships with their communities to keep a high profile and good reputation. These community connections take time, effort, and commitment to be of mutual benefit to the firm and the community. Accounting firms have opportunities to share not only time and money, but expertise. The following […]

  • Women Leaders Shaping the Field of Accountancy

    Leadership in accounting firms, executive committees, and accounting organizations has grown increasingly diverse. Particularly, the last decade has seen a number of influential women take on high-profile leadership positions in the field of accounting. These women have used their influence and power to advocate for diversity in the profession and remove barriers to inclusion. Kimberly […]

  • Three Historic Trailblazing Women in Accounting

    In the year 2020, approximately 42% of the United States’ CPAs are women and nearly 62% of all accountants and auditors in the United States are women. As the profession moves toward a more equal gender distribution, it is important to celebrate the pioneering women who have made it possible for women to achieve success […]

  • Should Businesses Allow Pets in the Office?

    The pet-friendly office has been a recent HR trend meant to improve morale and decrease stress. According to Accountancy Daily, 23% of accounting firms in the UK allow pets in the office. With some heralding the pet-friendly office as the way of the future, and others expressing concern and disdain, many firms are carefully weighing […]

  • The Necessity of 401(k) Cyber Theft Prevention

    Approximately 1 in 20 Americans have been affected by identity fraud. According to the Javelin 2020 Identity Fraud Report, approximately 13 million Americans every year face some form of identity fraud, including credit card fraud, account takeovers, and government benefits fraud. While many individuals and organizations have become accustomed to the risk of identity fraud, […]

  • Lessons from a Two-Year Long, $1.2 Million Fajita Heist

    In April 2018, an employee of the Texas juvenile justice department was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing $1.2 million in meat for fajitas over the course of two years. This case is an informative example of inventory theft, particularly for the food service industry. Diverting Inventory Gilbert Escamilla, the Texas man who […]

  • Forensic Accounting and the Downfall of Al Capone

    Al Capone was the infamous head of Chicago’s organized crime during the Prohibition Era. Capone and his gang practically ran the city with their bootlegging, gambling rings, prostitution, speakeasies, and propensity for killing off the competition. Their criminal ventures amounted to an estimated $100 million per year. Despite his infamy and flouting of the law, […]

  • The Massive Cost of Winter Storm Uri

    Winter Storm Uri, the major winter storm of mid-February 2021, set more than 2,000 cold temperature records and blanketed a record 73% of the United States in snow, according to Air Worldwide. Beyond its record-setting scale, the storm devastated Texas and led to billions of dollars in losses. Sources of Loss According to Moody’s Investor […]

  • How Romance Scammers Steal Hearts and Money

    Online dating has become enormously popular, with couples meeting on social media and dedicated dating sites and apps. According to a 2019 Stanford study, 39% of heterosexual couples met online rather than though a personal connection. As more people look to the internet to find love, scammers are waiting to fake their way into individuals’ […]