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  • Recognizing Diversity and Inclusion in the Fidelity Bond Industry

    The Fidelity Law Association (FLA) has long provided members of the fidelity bond industry with education and resources for pursuing fair claim handling. Through their annual journal and conference, the FLA can reach a wide range of professionals and set industry trends. Efforts to advance equality and fairness make influential organizations’ commitment to diversity and […]

  • Tips for Eliminating Bias in the Workplace

    Bias in the workplace can be deeply harmful for any organization. Between turning away talented employees, hurting diversity, and lowering morale, bias can prevent organizations from achieving their goals and reaching their full potential. Unconscious bias is one of the most damaging forms of bias, yet can be the hardest to address. Based on diversity […]

  • Diversity is the Future of Accounting

    Over time, the profession of accounting has made strides toward inclusive practices and the provision of equality. While those improvements have been admirable and important – considering the distinct lack of diversity in the early days of the profession – there is still room for improvement. Diversity, especially in leadership, remains a key issue for […]

  • Championing Diversity: The National Association of Black Accountants

      In 1969, there were approximately 100,000 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Of those 100,000, only 136 were African American. Now, after decades of working to eliminate bias and barriers faced by African Americans in the field of accounting, there are more than 5,000 black CPAs. One of the major organizations pushing for the advancement of […]

  • The Influx of COVID-19 Vaccine Scams and Misinformation

    The COVID-19 pandemic has strained even the most resilient and flexible organizations, but after nearly nine months of sheltering-in-place and social distancing, the development of COVID-19 vaccines seems to promise a return to normalcy. Unfortunately, the widespread anticipation and desire for vaccinations has brought scammers out in force. How the Scams Work Scams promising vaccines […]

  • History of Women in Accounting – Mary T. Washington Wylie

    As the profession of accounting becomes increasingly diverse and benefits from that variety of perspectives, it is important to recognize the individuals who paved the way for inclusion. Mary T. Washington Wylie is not only known for becoming the first African American female CPA, but for her dedication to training future generations of African American […]

  • Diversity Training for a Culture of Inclusion in the Workplace

    Diversity is one of the most important aspects of any excellent organization. Well-rounded, long-term diversity training may be a catalyst for improvements in the workplace. Employees in a positive, inclusive workplace are often more engaged and maintain better morale than those in less diverse, less inclusive organizations. With this in mind, SDC CPAs has been […]

  • The Mutual Benefit of Multilingual Workplaces

    As the internet has made the world grow increasingly connected, distance is no longer the main barrier in cross-cultural communications. Now, in today’s world community, differing customs and language can be considered the main obstacles to international business. Posed with the challenge of expanding to new audiences and finding new clients, businesses can thrive by […]

  • Two Major Holiday Scams and How to Avoid Them

    Scammers are out in force during the holiday surge of online shopping. This year’s holiday scams may be more sophisticated and widespread than ever before. SDC CPAs (formerly Studler, Doyle & Co.) has compiled a list to help prepare for the holiday season’s minefield of scams.  Online Shopping Phishing  While email phishing is certainly no […]

  • History of Women in Accounting – Christine Ross

    As of the year 2020, approximately 42% of the CPAs in the United States are women. As the profession moves toward a more equal gender distribution, it is important to consider the long history of pioneering women in accounting. In the 1950s, there were approximately 600 female CPAs. Approximately sixty years before that came the […]

  • The Education Sector: A Growing Target for Scams

    Recently, with many schools operating remotely, administrators have been bombarded with highly targeted, extremely effective email phishing attacks. Recent attacks have indicated scammers are adapting their methodology to take advantage of vulnerabilities specific to the education sector. Strained by changing circumstances, schools are especially at risk of falling victim to these sophisticated scams. Despite the […]